What a smart move.

It is the leader going into awards season. It will likely fight it out at the Oscars with The King’s Speech. It will probably win. But first, to sustain its momentum, the DVD will be released on January 11th. That’ll give The Social Network some extra kick. Clever, non?

In service of the launch, and a very strategic campaign, all of the film’s major players were in Beverly Hills last night at the event including Jesse Eisenberg, expected to be nominated for Best Actor, Aaron Sorkin, a sure bet for an adapted screenplay nod, David Fincher, who will definitely make the Academy’s list of directors, Andrew Garfield, Armie Hammer, and, of course, Justin Timberlake.

Justin Timberlake, who wanted so badly to be considered for Best Supporting Actor he was trying to make deals everywhere, having now finally accepted that this aspiration was a f-cking joke, is now trying to front like he’s all gracious and team playery by “stepping back and letting other people have the attention”. That’s what I’m hearing.

He’s so generous and considerate, isn’t he? Probably expects Jesse to thank him for not working the carpet last night and monopolising the spotlight. Very thoughtful.

We had a lively discussion a few weeks ago about Armie Hammer and his wife. As you probably already know, he comes from Big Money. Apparently she does too, though perhaps not as crazy Big Money as him. They married in 2009. Hammer is 24, Elizabeth is 28. His career is just taking off. You know how it is in this business. Put that on your gossip alert.

And finally, Andrew Garfield is two for two this week. I noted the other day when he was photographed on the set of Spider-Man that it was the first time I’ve found him attractive. It’s the suit here, I think. Really like how he’s wearing it. Not enough to activate the quiver, but enough to look forward to seeing him at the Globes.

Photos from Jason Merritt/Kevin Winter/Gettyimages.com