As announced several weeks ago, NBR named The Social Network the Best Film of 2010. The cast was at the gala last night to celebrate the honour, along with Jesse Eisenberg who was named Best Actor and David Fincher who was named Best Director. Oh yeah and Best Adapted Screenplay for Aaron Sorkin. Stephen Colbert had the best line on Sorkin actually when, in introducing the picture, he noted:

"What is it about fast-talking megalomaniacal assholes and Aaron Sorkin that just fits!?"


So… on the road to Oscar, with The Social Network eating up everything, and less than two weeks before the Oscar nominations – and it will likely receive many, many, many of them – is TSN unstoppable? Will the Academy, like your aging loser uncle, try to play “cool” and vote in the “young people” movie? (Written and produced and paid for by old people?)

A lot can happen in 6 weeks and bless those folks working for The King’s Speech because they are giving it their all. But you have to wonder if it’s enough. TSN has all the momentum, and the release of the DVD at exactly the right time is Hollywood marketing at its best.

How pissy do you think Pippy is that he can’t be in New York right now with the others and take credit for the success of the movie? Pip is working on his next film and has missed a few events now where TSN has been recognised. Which only means he’ll make up for it at the Globes on Sunday. Front and centre. Like he wrote, directed, produced, and performed all the parts.

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