The Spice Girls are trending on Twitter. That’s because UK gossips are reporting that they’re reuniting to go on tour for the 20th anniversary next year…

Without Posh.

At least that’s the rumour. Mel B is the one who’s supposedly working on it.

Before you pull out your platforms and Union Jacks though, it’s not entirely true. Emma Bunton, aka Baby, said on the radio this morning that:

"If anything happens and it's concrete, and we decide on something, I will let you know, but nothing's happening at the moment."

And Mel C, aka Sporty, doesn’t sound like she knows what’s happening:

Also there’s been no word from Geri, the newlywed. As for Posh and whether or not she really is the holdout…

Well can you blame her if she is? She’s the one with the biggest post-Spice career. And, as we’ve seen, her ambition now is pure fashion. It was hard enough to get her on board 8 years ago when they got back together for that tour in 2007 which I went to in Vancouver and yes, loved every minute. Especially when Posh’s solo feature during the show was basically walking down a catwalk. Would she be up for doing that again…around the world… for the better part of a year when you factor in rehearsals and travel etc?
It seems unlikely.

So, would you go if there were only four of them?

I wouldn’t. And I don’t say that just for Victoria Beckham. I’d say that about any of them. Posh couldn’t have been as effective as Posh without Sporty there to balance her. Scary wouldn’t have come off so brash if not for the softness of Baby. We already saw what happened with a Ginger-less Spice. It precipitated their decline.