The Starter Wife starring Debra Messing debuts on Showcase tonight in Canada at 10pm ET/PT. To kick things off, Showcase and deb.on.air have put together a lovely swag bag for those of you needing a fresh start. It’s the “get over it, move on, pick yourself back up, you’re better off” giveaway and it includes the following (descriptions courtesy Showcase and deb.on.air):

1. EXTINGUISH OLD FLAMES. Put your relationship mementos - letters, photos, and your ex’s belongings- out of sight and out of mind for good in a ceremonial burning. Then, simply put out the flames (both literally and metaphorically) with your Stop Fire extinguisher.

2. YOU’RE STILL A HOTTIE! Use Gee Beauty’s Down Under exfoliating body wash and lotion to make your skin extra- touchable; then slip on a pair of sexy thongs ( Not only will you feel sexy, but this will be projected onto all you meet.

3. SPOIL YOURSELF ROTTEN. Treat yourself as you would want someone ‘special’ to treat you. Enjoy a slimming Detox Body Wrap at L’Exquisite Day Spa, coupled with Xocai chocolates to improve your well-being and lose weight

4. VENT YOUR PAIN, ANGER, & FRUSTRATION. Write yourself a letter expressing your emotions on Jessica Gorlicky’s limited edition note cards. It will be extremely cathartic to read this after several weeks/months, and it will remind you how far you have come in the healing process.

5. INDULGE A LITTLE. Grab a blanket, a box of Aero Caramel Singles, Caviar Eye Pads, and make yourself comfy. It’s time to forget your troubles and enjoy La Dolce Vita with Dolce Magazine (

6. START FRESH. Update your look with a new hairstyle by award-winning stylist Michael Vandertol, and achieve a flawless face with Cargo’s blu_ray collection. Then immediately put on J-Rox’s evil eye bracelet to ward off all jealous onlookers.

7. CHANGE YOUR SURROUNDINGS. Make your home reflect the new you. Use your Tomboy tools to put up new pictures of the important people in your life.

8. DON’T REBOUND. Try to refrain from immediately trying to replace you ex and fill the void. Only YOU can make YOU happy…and the innovative pleasure product, the Naughtynano, will definitely do the trick.

9. TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE. Start by eating right and treating your body with the respect it deserves. Glaceau Vitamin water and Track Snacks will nourish your body and lead you towards better health.

10. CELEBRATE YOUR NEW FREEDOM. Pack your Toss Designs weekender tote and get away with the girls. Don’t forget your luxurious condom compact, “Just In Case” (!

About the series:

“The addictive series focuses on the post-divorce adventures of Molly Kagan (Messing), the jilted wife of a movie studio executive who discovers a world of exciting and slightly frightening possibilities after she is abandoned by the Hollywood community that once adored her. The official first season finds Molly, having sworn off men, deciding to get serious about a writing career. Luckily, she has her loyal friends by her side to help keep her on track.”

Catch it in Canada tonight on Showcase at 10PM ET/PT (US readers – it’s on USA network Fridays at 10/9c).

There are two bags up for grabs. If you’re interested email [email protected] with The Starter Wife as the title before midnight Pacific on Friday, October 24th, 2008. Good luck!