Exactly 3 weeks ago, at the posting time of this article, Katie Holmes announced that she’d filed for divorce from Tom Cruise. Yesterday was the first in all that time that there was no article on either of them on this blog, not because I’m not interested, not because you’re not interested, but because there were no new pictures released in time. It may also have been the first day in many that Suri wasn’t papped.

Suri spent two days with her dad. There were no sightings of them after they took off in a helicopter. It’s believed Tom had her with him in the Hamptons. Yesterday Suri returned home to Katie. The handoff happened in a parkade. Tom did not accompany Suri to the handoff. She was sent with security to meet her mother at gymnastics.

Here’s Katie on her way to pick up Suri. Around the same time these were taken, it was confirmed that Katie would be returning to Broadway in Theresa Rebeck’s (Smash, Seminar) Dead Accounts. No dates have been set but they’re saying her run will start in the Fall which means she and Suri will indeed, as previously reported, be stationed in New York for a long stretch, allowing for some stability and structure for Suri under her mother’s primary custody...where she can start having playdates with Matilda Ledger.
God, why is it taking so long for that to happen?

Totally love how Katie looks in this blouse.