It’s amazing what a man will resort to as his signature move. Especially someone who, at the time, didn’t seem to need to rely on anything more than his name and his body. Contrary to official reports about why he’s single and the professional commitments along the way, I’m thinking he probably ended up in this position because she found out what he’d been up to while they were together. But the weird thing is – she played a huge part in his unfaithful cheating routine. Bizarre, non? I’m hearing more than a few times, with more than a few ladies, and each one was lured into his bed with a sob story, with declarations of devotion for his significant other. In fact – he couldn’t stop talking about her, but in an almost “I need comfort” kind of way that I’m told was irresistible. I’ll give you an example: “You know, I really, really care about her but it’s hard you know? Something’s missing”… And it seemed to work like a charm, because all of them succumbed and all of them enjoyed it. Problem is, most of them also happened to work in the same industry, some for the same company, and pretty soon, they realized their little secret wasn’t so unique after all. Suffice to say, he probably doesn’t fly a certain airline anymore.