I wrote about the Stephenie Meyers series last year, click here for a refresher. Have since recommended to many of my friends with the following warning: the writing is… grating. You might hate yourself while reading it. There are parts so gratuitously vain that you might curse the author for being so obvious. But she has crafted a story so compelling and addictive, almost embarrassingly so, that you will find yourself whipping through the first book and not stopping until the final page of the third. Then you’ll probably pre-order the fourth in advance of its release in August.

No matter how cheesy and cringe-inducing it is, Twilight has become a literary phenomenon with a fanbase as rabid and as fervent as High School Musical and even drawing comparisons due to its supernatural subject matter to Harry Potter himself.


No… I wouldn’t go that far. Not even close. But the Twilight following is impressive and this is why Hollywood is cashing in, with the first film due out in theatres in December, which shows a lot of confidence on the part of the studio. You don’t push a movie out in December unless it stands a solid chance of competing at the box office.

So I went on set on Monday just outside Portland, Oregon for an interview with the cast and a tour of the set. As you can imagine, I am not authorised to give spoilers about the plot. Suffice to say, for the most part, the movie stays true to the book. Except for certain creative liberties towards the end that Meyers has approved. Hint: Prom.

They were shooting two scenes when I was there. One in front of a spectacular waterfall with a bridge traversing a gully. Edward was standing on the bridge, presumably looking down at Bella. If it works its way into the final cut, it has the makings of an incredibly heartbreaking moment. Was raining off and on, a thin mist covered everything, and as nauseating as this sounds, they way he was watching her across the distance, it was exactly as she wrote it – Edward looking over Bella, protecting Bella.

Ugh. F*ck. I’m a f*cking Rossum.

The other scene: the prom. A casino theme. Orange paper globes hanging from the trees. Tea lights everywhere. Teenage extras bubbling with excitement and well rewarded. See attached.

Needless to say, if you are a fan, you want to know most about the cast. Kristen Stewart plays Bella – perfect selection. She’s pale, she’s pretty but not stunning, and she has a certain innate teenage sullenness about her that jives remarkably with the mental image you had when reading the book.

Same goes for Rachelle Lefevre who plays Victoria. Rachelle is GORGEOUS. Saw her before makeup heading into the hotel. She was barefaced, her hair was wild, skin was incredible, piercing eyes… the girl is stunning. And very well liked. Easy to work with, grateful for the opportunity, so excited about the fact that her career is taking off – many on set think she has a good chance at upstaging Kristen Stewart as the break out star… and deservedly so.

Because Kristen Stewart actually has a bit of a reputation – one that preceded her before this film. Widely regarded as super super talented, she’s also supposedly kind of a bitch. Professional, does her job, but not particularly an overly warm person, lacks charisma, the least engaging of all three interviews, and perceived by many before joining the Twilight cast as the girl with a mild attitude problem. Like she’s an “actor”, she has a “craft”, she’s just so not down with fame and celebrity, and rumour has it, she’s crusty a lot of the time.

My impression? Though she gave off a few “faces”, her hag factor didn’t come close to Jessica Alba. But compared to the others? One word: dull.

So Bella and Victoria are all good. Jasper’s ok too. The other choices however are far more controversial. Especially Edward. Sorry. But the Edward I pictured is NOT Robert Pattinson though I suppose I’m less opposed to him now having met him …and still, my mind’s Edward is not as slight, with features that aren’t so… animé. Some of you have written to express your loin quiveration for the young fellow. Forgive me… I can’t see it. Not at all. To me, he’s only handsome the way a cartoon is handsome. It’s kinda creepy, actually. And he’s too slight. Tall…ish. But thin. And you know how Edward was supposed to look in clothes? Hot in clothes? “Rob”, as they call him, looks alright in clothes, but the gait…the gait isn’t good. The gait is more of a shuffle with a slouch.

Taylor Kitsch… or Jamie Dornan. I’m just sayin’…

Before the fan girls start tossing darts though… Rob is lovely. Very unassuming, totally unaware of what’s about to hit. Completely oblivious to the fact that he’s about to become Orlando Bloom. He’s relaxed on set, he doesn’t complain, not even after standing in the freezing cold rain for hours and hours because the light is messing with the shot, he’s friendly, he has no personal security detail, he has no demands, he’s not extra shielded from the riffraff, he doesn’t have a driver on stand by solely for his purposes… fast forward a year, wonder if that’ll change.

As for what he’ll add to Edward’s sexy factor – has to be the accent. He almost buries it for the role, leaving just a hint of Edward’s old school lilt, and the effect will definitely quiver you if you were a fan at the start anyway.

Twilight the movie hits theatres… won’t lie, can’t wait to see it. Click here for more onset photos.

Pattinson file photos from Splashnewsonline.com