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The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 19 recap

Previously on VD, Elena loved them both, but Stefan knew Elena had feelings for Damon.  Oh and then there was that Klaus business.  They had stakes to kill him, except for one belonging to murdery-possibilities Ric, which is MISSING.

Elena brings Alaric some supplies in a Red Riding Hood sweater and gets all faux-huffy that Damon slipped ΓÇ£Dr. Jekyll and Mr HydeΓÇ¥ into his reading material.  She mutters ΓÇ£thinks heΓÇÖs hilariousΓÇ¥ but the thing is, Elena, he IS.  Ric is worried about the missing stake  and Elena says theyΓÇÖve looked everywhere,  and soooΓǪ.she and Damon are going to Denver to get Jeremy.  Elena begs Alaric to disapprove and heΓÇÖs like ΓÇ£little girl, my problems are waaay bigger than your love lifeΓÇ¥.

Stefan is imperious in front of a fire.  He only has one stake to give to Klaus, but Klaus wants/needs two.  Damon waits for Elena, then announces theyΓÇÖre taking first class to Denver.  He used miles.  HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE HIM?

I completely forgot that Mystic Falls High School even exists, but Caroline and Matt did not, as they are getting the Decades Dance together.  Look, this is the only part that pulls me out of the show.  Just do the Mystic Falls FoundersΓÇÖ traditions you do, show.  DonΓÇÖt make me go through the suspension of disbelief that these guys all still go to school and that their adventures happen on Saturdays.  Please.

Anyway, CarolineΓÇÖs plans (no boas!) are interrupted by Rebekah, whoΓÇÖs enjoying this like youΓÇÖd expect.  They fight over who is the chair of the dance committee and which Decade theyΓÇÖre choosing.  I do enjoy this battle of the blondes.

Oh, and CarolineΓÇÖs bag!  Matt runs afer Caro and they grin ΓÇô their plan worked!  Now that RebekahΓÇÖs all up in the dance, Caroline can ΓÇ£tell him [Matt] says hiΓÇ¥.  Methinks sheΓÇÖs going on a missionΓǪ

Stefan has brought Ric something brown to help him sleep, then pulls up a chair to help him help himself.  In certain lights Matt Davis is so much like David Duchovny itΓÇÖs weird.  Anyway, they dance around the topics of 1. Elena and Damon on the road alone, 2. The possibility of having to torture Alaric for the location of the other stake.

Denver.  Elena and Damon find Jeremy at a batting cage.  HeΓÇÖs immediately like ΓÇ£What. WhatΓÇÖs wrong?ΓÇ¥  Smart boy.

They donΓÇÖt even bother to buy him lunch before being all ΓÇ£and could you please talk to some dead vamps for us?ΓÇ¥  Jeremy doesnΓÇÖt want to since his buddy just got there  but, um, the buddy is Kol and clocks Damon!  Then more bat-clocking and staking!  Kol is (for the moment) out and our heroes run off into the altitude theyΓÇÖre not used to.  

Motel.  Damon makes a snarky remark about motels, before a snarky remark about JeremyΓÇÖs ability to make friends.  Elena should be annoyed but looks amused.  When they get into a motel room, Damon calls him Whoopi.  This is why!  This is why this show!  Anyway, Damon tries to scare up a decent memory of Rose for Jeremy to use as a connection to talk to her.  Elena thinks theyΓÇÖre both nuts but Jeremy connects.   SheΓÇÖs there.

Caroline walks through woods to the tune of a female singer.  Guess whoΓÇÖs missed her?  Tyler!  They look SO pretty as they kiss and reconnect in the sun and then rush into a dungeon to get it on.  Have I mentioned how great it is that Caroline gets to own her sexuality on this show?

Matt, on the other hand, has to drop off Rebekah, who is suspicious about why heΓÇÖs being nice.  But suspicious in that way that means she hopes he likes her.  He drops her off and she smiles a half-calculating, half-blushy smile.

Then walks into her house where her mother is smirking by the fire.  And is choked by Rebekah.  And says sheΓÇÖs dying.

Motel.  Rose is happy.  She wants Damon to know heΓÇÖs still ΓÇ£dripping with sexΓÇ¥.  Jeremy blushes.  SheΓÇÖs also rooting for him and Elena so Jeremy obfuscates that too. He doesnΓÇÖt hide that Damon made RoseΓÇÖs last day beautiful in her mind instead of, you know, a tortured death.  ElenaΓÇÖs touched.  Anyway, vampire-wise, she was sired by someone named Mary Porter.  DamonΓÇÖs all ΓÇ£that bitchΓÇ¥.  Rose is going to find out whatΓÇÖs up with Mary.

Stefan and Ric, drunk.  Debates about if the bad inside you is who you really are.    StefanΓÇÖs being all sweet but Klaus comes,  having found one of the stakes.  HeΓÇÖs all ΓÇ£let me kill Alaric thenΓÇ¥, and Stefan tries to talk him out of it so Klaus kills Ric to speed up the process which ΓÇô I maybe canΓÇÖt blame him.

DamonΓÇÖs fetching ice.  Stefan calls.  HeΓÇÖs hoping when Ric wakes up he wonΓÇÖt be him.   Damon fills him in on Rose, and twists the knife about them being stuck in the hotel.   He doesnΓÇÖt say ΓÇ£with her baby brotherΓÇ¥ but it bothers Stefan anyway.

Back in the room, Jeremy is on this tip too.  WhatΓÇÖs up between them? He starts to tell her about Rose, but then Damon comes in.  Tension.  Thick.  DamonΓÇÖs in the shower.  GO AFTER HIM ELENA!

Rebekah and her mother face off in a lovely, soap-esque living room.  Anyway, Esther is dying because sheΓÇÖs pulling power from the Bennett bloodline which is weakened.  Rebekah is snotty and Esther is all ΓÇ£I have watched over you and loved youΓÇ¥ and itΓÇÖs good to know that thousand-year-old mothers can pull guilt trips too.   Anyway, mother is sorry, but nobody should live a thousand years.  They hold hands ΓÇô and then mother quakes and passes out. Or dies?  Klaus arrives all ΓÇ£WTF?ΓÇ¥ and Rebekah says sheΓÇÖs dead and then looks all evil.

Caroline and Tyler, post-coital, no bed.  Tyler promises as soon as he breaks the sire bond, they can have a pillow-top.  Caroline is all ΓÇ£but youΓÇÖre doing that today, right?ΓÇ¥  Tyler feels better and turned 100 times in the mountains (?) so he thinks he can get through anything.  Then Caroline drops the whole ΓÇ£vampires are tied by their siresΓÇ¥ which means if Klaus dies, Tyler dies, unless he can unpick the siring, I guess.

Motel.  Sleepy Elena, Shirtless Damon with booze.  Where is Jeremy?  Damon shirts up and pours, and she watches him, and you can smell the tension in the room.  She just watches him, her eyes covering every inch of his body and thoughtful face.  Then he catches her looking.  Her at him.  Him at her.  He gets up.  Walks over.  Lies  beside her.  They look at each other.  Then she ruins it by talking ΓÇô she never knew he made RoseΓÇÖs last day sweet in her mind.  Elena wonders why he doesnΓÇÖt tell people heΓÇÖs good, but Damon doesnΓÇÖt want to have to live up to anyoneΓÇÖs expectations.  Elena tosses around ΓÇô but she lets him slowly, slowly, slowly hold her hand.  For a second.   

Then she bolts up and gets dressed andΓǪhangs out by the vending machine?  Unclear.  Damon comes up behind her.  

Elena: ΓÇ£DonΓÇÖtΓÇ¥.
Damon: “Why? Elena….”

And then she grabs him and kisses him and her life does depend on it, and she canΓÇÖt breathe from finally giving into him, and OH MY GOD.  They kiss, but then look at each other, all conscious.  WeΓÇÖre doing this.  Yes.  WeΓÇÖre doing this.  If itΓÇÖs possible to look calm and passionate, she does.

ElenaΓÇÖs still pressed up against the vending machine kissing ΓÇô until Jeremy comes out and finds them.  Looking mildly shocked, says theyΓÇÖre going to Kansas.  Damon heads in and Jeremy gives Elena a reproachful look, which is a bit rich from him, no?

Stefan reads Moby Dick.  Alaric wakes up.  Thinks this is stupid, his alter ego isnΓÇÖt going to come out so Stefan can find the stake.  They discuss how theyΓÇÖll do this.   Alaric takes off the ring.  HeΓÇÖs ΓÇ£taking bets that my dark side doesnΓÇÖt have a death wishΓÇ¥.  Stefan scoffs but Alaric thinks Stefan has to try to kill him.  Matt DavisΓÇÖ face does a great job here.

Night (in Kansas, one guesses).   TheyΓÇÖve found the place, and Elena tells Jeremy to wait there, but heΓÇÖs all ΓÇ£why, so you can make out some more?ΓÇ¥  Damon calls him a dick, and if this show airs at 8, why canΓÇÖt Smash use that word at 10?  Jeremy is, as usual, kind of pissed but unable to do anything about it.

Old, dark, creepy house.  They enter ΓÇô and thereΓÇÖs years of mail and papers tied up in piles.  Anyway, Damon did her once upon a time.  A BANG.  Through some rather nice French doors and ΓÇô MaryΓÇÖs been staked to a wall.  Via Kol, as it happens.  Surprise, you guys.

Back to Stefan and Alaric.  He thinks StefanΓÇÖs not trying enough to kill him but when Ric bleeds, he backs off.  AlaricΓÇÖs all ΓÇ£If you want the answers from my dark side youΓÇÖre gonna have to tap into yoursΓÇ¥.  Stefan throws him against a wall instead and waits to see who comes up.  Oh, there it is.  Grinning all Jack Nicholson style.  Calls Stefan ΓÇ£weak, one of natureΓÇÖs most hideous creaturesΓÇ¥.

Back with staked Mary.  Kol is smug about how she was an Original groupie.  But he obfuscates who sired her.  HeΓÇÖs still got a bat from the cages, and really enjoys savaging Damon really graphically.  Damon tries to get Elena to leave but KolΓÇÖs not on that.  He throws her off, Damon throws him off,  itΓÇÖs all violent, but Kol wins,  as he bat-breaks pretty much all of the bones in DamonΓÇÖs spinal column and pelvis.

Now weΓÇÖre back to AlaricΓÇÖs alter ego doing a kind of Silence Of The Lambs thing.   Stefan finally gets in gear, trying to beat the hell out of him to tell him where the stake is.  EvilRic snickers that itΓÇÖs in a cave where no vampire can get it.  Anyway, Stefan leaves, looking like heΓÇÖs googling such a place, and finds Klaus and Rebekah in the dining room.  

Damon snaps his bones back into place.  Elena might be bleeding but sheΓÇÖs as beautiful as ever.  He touches her.  Then, as she turns away, clues in.  What the hell is she doing?  Elena says the boner-killer word, ΓÇ£StefanΓÇ¥.  He thinks she has feelings for Damon, and so Elena took the trip to see if she did, or if Damon would sabotage stuff so she wouldnΓÇÖt have to make the decision.  DamonΓÇÖs mad, but also kind of desperate for her to know thereΓÇÖs a possibility he wouldnΓÇÖt screw things up.  He says heΓÇÖs not helping her out by being a dick.  This time sheΓÇÖs gotta figure it out herself.  On Elena, looking stricken.

Klaus pours a drink and mocks Stefan for being so brutal with Ric, who Rebekah marches off to the cave.  And THEN Klaus is all ΓÇ£you know you want to be a Ripper againΓÇ¥ , but Stefan spouts some AA stuff about how itΓÇÖs a part of him and he can control it now.  Interesting.  HeΓÇÖs not afraid of his addiction anymore.

Elena and Damon in the car, silent.  Jeremy, eternally out of the action.  That is until Rose starts chatting to him in the back.  ΓÇ£DonΓÇÖt tell them IΓÇÖm hereΓÇ¥.  She tells Jere that even though he wants to protect Elena from Damon, they do things for each other.   Not only does Elena make him better, Damon challenges and surprises her and makes her a better, stronger individual.  StefanΓÇÖs love is pure, but Damon is either the best thing for her or the worst.  Unfortunately, this nighttime lighting is not the best for SomerhalderΓÇÖs face, so itΓÇÖs not as tender as it could be.

CarolineΓÇÖs.  Her mom said Tyler can sleep on the couch.  HeΓÇÖs all ΓÇ£so about the plan that might kill me?ΓÇ¥ But Caro doesnΓÇÖt want to talk; she kisses him and says sheΓÇÖs not losing him again.  Again.  Which is all fine until he finds the drawing that 7th-grade Klaus did for Caroline.  She tries to brush it off, all ΓÇ£heΓÇÖs a robotΓÇ¥, but Tyler is jealous ΓÇô ΓÇ£whyΓÇÖd you keep this?ΓÇ¥   - and when she doesnΓÇÖt have an answer, he looks for somewhere else to spend the night.

Alaric.  Caves.  He goes into that room Rebekah once trapped Elena in and goes to get the white wood stake.  Then contemplates it.  Why would he give her the thing that makes everyone keep him alive?  Anyway, he tells her if she helps him, she can live.

At which point she steps in the cave and says she wants them all to die!  Because sheΓÇÖs Esther in RebekahΓÇÖs body!  Goddamn!  ΓÇ£My name is Esther, and we have a great deal in common.ΓÇ¥

Whew!  Are you sweating?  I know there are three eps left but really,  now that weΓÇÖve seen the kiss ΓÇô and ElenaΓÇÖs face, way to go, Dobrev ΓÇô all that is left is who dies in the crossfire to kill KlausΓǪright?  As for you Bonnie fans, I hear you.  Her absences feel more pronounced as the season goes on.  But you know, either thereΓÇÖs a plan for the three episodes left ΓÇô or a Bigger Plan.  Either way, you have to trust them.

Attached - Paul Wesley and wife in New York earlier this week and Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder at Coachella.

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