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The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 3 Recap

Start with Damon who, as in every day during every year ever, is pouring booze in the sunshine.   I love his consistency.   And when his phone rings, no matter how many times IΓÇÖve seen it, I love when the phone rings, and we wonder why ElenaΓÇÖs so flirty before realizing, with a smile ΓÇô ohΓǪ.the hair.   ItΓÇÖs KatherineΓǪ sheΓÇÖs ΓÇÿhomesickΓÇÖ and wants updates.    Damon, smirking, tells her nobodyΓÇÖs thought about her since she left, but Katherine baits him, saying she knows exactly where Klaus and Stefan are.   IΓÇÖm momentarily distracted by KatherineΓÇÖs ring, but she and Damon continue to tell each other that neither of them cares where Stefan is.   Because Lord knows for these guys, vulnerability really is the last tabooΓǪ

Klaus brings Stefan back to Chicago and while Stefan says heΓÇÖs blocked most of ΓÇÿitΓÇÖ out, Klaus is only too happy to narrate for us, and you know whatΓÇÖs coming ΓÇô itΓÇÖs the 1920ΓÇÖs flashback episode!  We see a jalopy and from the sounds of the woman gasping inside, itΓÇÖs a ΓÇÿTitanicΓÇÖ homageΓǪyes?  

Yep, there it is, complete with Stefan slaking his thirst.     He strolls out of the car all Clooney styles, and IΓÇÖm amused.

Stefan, in a speakeasy.  Just slightly less elaborate than Nucky ThompsonΓÇÖs, huh?   Anyway,  Stefan gets a shout-out from ΓÇÿGloriaΓÇÖ, the lounge singer,  and then a passing blonde vampire tells Stefan he still reeks of car girl.  HeΓÇÖs intrigued by her and she takes off.

Back in the present,  Stefan wants to know what theyΓÇÖre still doing together.   Just because KlausΓÇÖ scheme didnΓÇÖt work, do they have to keep spending time together?  Klaus is pretty sure they do and in fact is ready to go see his favourite witchΓǪ

Elena on pretty sheets! Not awake though, does that count for my tally?  She curls up on DamonΓÇÖs clothed chest and then startles when she realizes sheΓÇÖs doing it.  SheΓÇÖs momentarily furious, but of course once Damon drops that he knows where Stefan is, ΓÇ£He came to me in a dreamΓǪhe was nakedΓǪyou would have loved itΓǪΓÇ¥ she jumps up, ready to go.   Damon makes Elena ΓÇ£furiousΓÇ¥ by poking around in her underwear drawer, and itΓÇÖs one of the nice things about this show that, vampire romances aside, they still let Elena be bothered by a boyΓÇÖs hands in her underwear drawer.  SheΓÇÖs still just 18.  

CarolineΓÇÖs still tied up and we notice her ring.  She calls out for ΓÇÿDaddyΓÇÖ and of course itΓÇÖs heartbreaking ΓÇô more so when some gas flows into the chamber where sheΓÇÖs being kept.   Her father comes in and wants to know how Caroline can walk in the sunshine.   When she looks, against her own will, at her ring, he pulls it off.  And then he explains to his little girl that he built this vampire torture chamber and that heΓÇÖs going to ΓÇÿfixΓÇÖ her reliance on blood.   As he opens the shades, Caroline screams in painΓǪ

Damon drives Elena and hands her StefanΓÇÖs diary from the 20s.   She is an utter little priss and says she wonΓÇÖt read it, so Damon reads it to her.  While driving.   I love him.   He reads a choice passage about how Stefan enjoyed the company of women (context says these are women who lived to tell the tale) and though heΓÇÖs joking, he continues his streak of hitting Elena exactly where she lives; she grabs the diary and starts to read ΓÇô

- And weΓÇÖre back in the 20s, singer, champers, etc.   StefanΓÇÖs vampire friend is looking at her prey, and if  you didnΓÇÖt know any better, sheΓÇÖd be seen as a certain type of woman, you know what I mean?   SheΓÇÖs furious with Stefan and his cohorts for ruining the party so she canΓÇÖt hear the singing.   Poor her.  

Present day, Stefan and Klaus walk into the bar where it was ΓÇô and look whoΓÇÖs still there!  ItΓÇÖs Gloria, a powerful witch, who was the singer back in the day!  Anyway, Stefan is dispatched to make some drinks, and Gloria tells him his reputation precedes him, she knows that heΓÇÖs trying to make other hybrids.   As they discuss, Gloria says sheΓÇÖll need a witchΓÇÖs help to contact a third witch: Gloria needs Rebecca.   Meanwhile, behind the bar, a picture of goofy looking Stefan and Klaus ΓÇô why is this unusual?

CarolineΓÇÖs house.   The sherriff is calling her daughter, but Tyler turns up, looking graveΓǪ

Meanwhile, Caroline begs her father to stop burning her.   He says he canΓÇÖt ΓÇô not until blood doesnΓÇÖt make her vamp out.   HeΓÇÖs conditioning her, he says,  and CarolineΓÇÖs ΓÇ£you canΓÇÖt change who I amΓÇ¥ tells us weΓÇÖre in pray-out-the-gay territory, which should prove interesting.    

The poutiest Elena who ever did pout is shocked that Stefan lived in the grotty Chicago apartment Damon is showing her.   What does Elena eat on all these road trips?  Nothing, right?   We never even see her with a coffee.  Damon breaks into the old apartment which looks as Spartan and spare as youΓÇÖd think a man who hated himself sometimesΓÇÖ place would be.   Then of course, Damon reveals StefanΓÇÖs secret booze cupboard which has a full-size wall filled with names.   Elena recoils, and I donΓÇÖt really understand whatΓÇÖs going on here.  ThereΓÇÖs bad boy, and then thereΓÇÖs very very bad, but the fact that sheΓÇÖs acting like all this is new to her ΓÇô like sheΓÇÖs never had to confront who he was, exactly ΓÇô seems just so childish.

As do her cutoffs.  IΓÇÖm sorry, but when is girl going to wear pants on a vamp hunting mission?    Anyway, in some mix of sympathy and torture, Damon says sheΓÇÖs to stay at the apartment and come up with a plan.   HeΓÇÖs going to bring Stefan back.   And honestly, when DamonΓÇÖs getting more reasonable by the second, what can you do?

Stefan doesnΓÇÖt understand why he canΓÇÖt remember meeting  Klaus before, and after a little pressing,  Klaus says itΓÇÖs because he hated StefanΓǪ

20ΓÇÖs.   A girl reaches ecstasy as Stefan and the blonde eat either side of her neckΓǪthen, as Stefan admires her necklace, Rebecca tells Klaus to leave her alone.   Oh, but ΓÇô there it is.   Rebecca is KlausΓÇÖ sisterΓǪand StefanΓÇÖs only catching up.  ΓÇ£I knew another original vampire?ΓÇ¥  Klaus throws open a casket where Rebecca is ashen but as Klaus pulls the silver dagger out of her heart, Stefan interrupts.   What about me?  What do I prove?

And weΓÇÖre back in the 20ΓÇÖs,  Klaus, being ΓÇÿNickΓÇÖ, wants to know why Stefan thinks heΓÇÖs good enough for an original, and Rebecca exposits for us that she chose KlausΓÇÖ side and was therefore allowed to live.   Fun and vampire games as a guy arrives, looking for his wife.   Stefan fetches her for him, then compels the guy and the wife to sit down, and then, in short order, makes the guy drink the wifeΓÇÖs blood.      He has a lot of fun compelling the guy to drink the blood, and Klaus and Rebecca laugh, gleeful.

Back in the present, Klaus rather amusingly tells a guard to let Rebecca feed off him until he dies.    Then announces theyΓÇÖre going to StefanΓÇÖs old apartmentΓǪ

Damon finds Gloria, who swears she always liked Damon best.  Smart lady.   Anyway, she tells Damon StefanΓÇÖs still running with ΓÇÿa bad crowdΓÇÖ, and that he and Klaus together are a bad idea.   Damon flirts , hoping Gloria will tell him the truth, but apparently not.

Elena, in the apartment, morals aside, since sheΓÇÖs tearing through StefanΓÇÖs journal like thereΓÇÖs no tomorrow.   SheΓÇÖs reading about Lexie, who was around while Stefan kicked his cravingsΓǪ.as she hears someone outside the door.   Elena, somehow, knows itΓÇÖs bad news, and lucky for us, sheΓÇÖs hiding in the liquor cabinet.   

But oh, sh*t, the name of the husband Stefan tortured.  ThatΓÇÖs what Klaus is looking for in the house, and as he throws open the liquor cabinet, and Elena holds her breath, Stefan sees her there.   She adores him ΓÇô and thereΓÇÖs a little Anne Frankness in the way this is lit ΓÇô and then Stefan grabs a bottle of scotch and high-tails it out of there.

Night ΓÇô ElenaΓÇÖs not hiding anymore and has turned on all the lights as Damon bursts in, calls her ΓÇ£roadtrippy and grossΓÇ¥ and hands her clothes to change into, and announces theyΓÇÖre going to tagteam Stefan and Klaus.   

Speaking of whom, at the bar, Klaus doesn’t understand why Stefan is mopey, and exposits that Stefan used to want to be just like him…back in the 20s; we’re hearing how Rebecca is fickle, but that Stefan shouldn’t let it bother him…

…and back in the oughts (or the tens, now? Geez) Stefan’s starting to get something like a memory coming back…

Dungeon.  CarolineΓÇÖs father says he cried and cried when he heard about her.   She says sheΓÇÖs okay and, encouraged, her father shoves the blood under her nose again.  Caroline doesnΓÇÖt vamp out and heΓÇÖs so happy, even though she cries that sheΓÇÖs starving.   But heΓÇÖs so encouraging ΓÇô sheΓÇÖs getting closer and closer, and he knows sheΓÇÖll do even better tomorrow.   Trust this show to make me feel empathy for the dad who says heΓÇÖs trying to ΓÇÿfixΓÇÖ her so he doesnΓÇÖt have to kill her.    Again, this is a pretty straightforward metaphor for the whole ΓÇ£reassignmentΓÇ¥ thing that isnΓÇÖt all that unusual, but what we forget is that the people involved usually think theyΓÇÖrre doing exactly the right thing, and that they think this is how theyΓÇÖre showing love.   People arenΓÇÖt always right but theyΓÇÖre usually not acting out of intentional maliceΓǪyou know?

Anyway, ΓÇÿBillΓÇÖ heads outside the chamber and sees the sherriff, who has cocked a gun at him.  Hooray!  Parents who have accepted their kids rule!   Bill tries to convince the sherriff that he should be allowed to help fix his daughter but she shoots at him and beckons Tyler downstairs instead.   Ty bursts into CarolineΓÇÖs chamber, unshackling her and grabbing her sunlight ring.    She winces when he lifts her, and looks a little rueful ΓÇô this is not the romance she would have wanted ΓÇô but they leave.

Stefan wants to know why, if he and Klaus (then Nick) were such good friends, why every memory is gone.   Why he had to watch his girlfriend be sacrificed on a pyre (and nice job, Stefan, for pointing that out).   

One more 20s flashback ΓÇô all the same set, in case you were wondering ΓÇô and all of a sudden, Klaus seems infuriated that heΓÇÖs alone just as straight-up machine gun fire rips up the place.   Stefan pulls Rebecca beneath the bar as we see theyΓÇÖre using wooden bullets.   Rebecca freaks out and leaves  and Klaus compels Stefan to forget all about them.   The only thing left was RebeccaΓÇÖs necklaceΓǪ

Stefan puts it together  - who was Klaus running from?  - just as Damon shows up, beckoning Stefan with an eyebrow raiseΓǪ

Outside,  Stefan and Damon and the who-is-more-virtuous game, which, sing it with me, you guys, always means ΓÇ£Who is taking care of Elena moreΓÇ¥ and, hence, ΓÇ£Who loves her in the right way, moreΓÇ¥.    Stefan reminds Damon that Klaus thinks ElenaΓÇÖs dead.   And the fact that KlausΓÇÖ witch is about to figure it all out means he has to take Elena home but Damon shrugs, gesturing to Elena whoΓÇÖs standing there, in the dress Damon brought her, but flats.   OK then.

Inside the bar, Damon goes to keep Klaus company, and when Klaus calls him riffraff, Damon gives us all a little tingle as he replies ΓÇ£Oh, honey, IΓÇÖve been called worseΓÇ¥.   Hee!   Anyway, Klaus is getting pretty tired of keeping Damon alive, like, how much sparing of people did he really sign up for? Damon just wants Stefan back, natch , but Klaus thinks he has a death wishΓǪat which point Klaus grabs DamonΓÇÖs throatΓǪ

Outside the bar, Elena begs Stefan to come home.   She holds him and breathes, and behind his back, raises a hypodermic needle to his back and Stefan catches her, and swears up and down.   He doesnΓÇÖt want to come home!

Inside, IΓÇÖm sorry, I know I need to hate Klaus, and I do find his pretentious thing kind of pretentious sometimes, but he is trying to KILL DAMON WITH A COCKTAIL UMBRELLA and those are not works that mean what theyΓÇÖre supposed to mean every time.  I love him so so so much.   Damon looks actually more incredulous than annoyed, which you could understand, then, croaking, says ΓÇ£IΓÇÖm so much more fun [than Stefan]ΓÇ¥ .   He raises a stake to take out Damon, but Gloria burns it in his hands, no staking in her bar.   

Outside, Stefan yells at Elena.  ItΓÇÖs never going to be the same.  He left a trail of bodies.   Elena talks about how Lexie selflessly pulled him out of his addiction, and heΓÇÖs all ΓÇ£yeah, and it took me 30 years to get back on my feet, which is HALF your LIFE, you nubile little temptressΓÇ¥.    Stefan doesnΓÇÖt want to see her, be with her, and even though you know itΓÇÖs all ΓÇ£Go on, you stupid dogΓÇ¥, even though heΓÇÖs trying to hurt her to save her, it does, of course, hurt.

Car.  ElenaΓÇÖs holding her necklace which, of course, is RebeccaΓÇÖs, like you havenΓÇÖt guessed.  Damon asks if sheΓÇÖs OK, and she wants him just to driveΓǪ

CarolineΓÇÖs in bed, as her mother watches her drink blood.   The Sherriff ΓÇô who may have had a slightly better acting coach this hiatus ΓÇô reminds her that the family beliefs are really old, and that her dad will come around someday.   Tyler smiles in at her and Caroline thanks her mother before she leaves.   Then, of course, Tyler makes her laugh by telling her this all could have been avoided had she not snuck out on him and he strokes her hair as Caroline sobs that her dad hates herΓǪ

Klaus, at RebeccaΓÇÖs now empty casket.    He can see sheΓÇÖs alive, and he can see she ate the guard, as she was supposed to and like lightening, she comes over and stabs him in the chest.

20ΓÇÖs.   Rebecca is tired of running and is waiting for Stefan to come with them.  But Nick/Klaus compelled him, remember?  Forced to choose between going with Nick/Klaus and Stefan, Rebecca chooses Stefan which is about when Klaus stabs her.   So sheΓÇÖs waking up in her same flapper dress; Klaus says heΓÇÖs brought a peace offering, Stefan sees her ΓÇô and we watch him fall in love againΓǪ

ΓǪalso, when Stefan posed for the picture with Klaus, he called him his brother.  Stefan realizes the bonds go backΓǪas Klaus says he needs Rebecca to contact the first witch, and Rebecca goes crazy looking for her missing necklace.   Which is, of course, what she needsΓǪ

Sunshine, Damon, scotch, Katherine.   Phone booth, blue dress.   He says she was right.   We all miss Katherine, donΓÇÖt we?  As a firetruck goes by, she has a memory of her own: striding into the bar in a hot short bob, and watching Stefan pick up the memento of one of his many lovesΓǪand the Chicago PD asks him whether heΓÇÖs seen Klaus and Rebecca, and Stefan can safely say noΓǪ

Katherine, in Chicago, looking hot, throws herself in a cab…

Go. Go. Go.  All of you.

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