The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 14 recap

It took damn long enough! 

Seriously, this episode, with the wandering and the moaning, and one person after another discovering that in fact there was only cure enough for one person, was kind of exhausting, wasn’t it? I mean, we get it already, and nobody’s relationships really changed, did they?   

That’s not entirely true, I suppose. For the billionth time, Tyler is on his way out of town. I never through I’d grow so affectionate for that little bugger, but he does have a way of making my Caroline melt, so that’s worth something, even if he always seems like he’s on the verge of letting his scheming mind get the best of him. But of course, Caroline’s never going to get better or change while her high school love still occupies most of her mind. I’d rather see her have to deal with a manipulative asshole and figure out what that means if her integrity gets a little compromised.

It’s hard to get excited about anyone else’s integrity, because Elena’s is protected and BORING and unchanging, and Bonnie’s is threadbare and basically worth nothing, and the number of people who basically ignore her and Jeremy and their non-love affair doesn’t make anyone any different. The interesting part of the show came when Klaus gave the key information about the single dose to Rebecca, but as many people pointed out on Twitter, it’s kind of pointless when we all know the spinoff “The Originals” has been greenlit and Rebecca and Klaus are both supposed to be on it, along with Elijah. Sure, one of them may get staked one of these days – but not for permanence, as we well know.

As a result, there were only two things to be excited about this hour -  the fact that there’s only one cure, which should make for an exciting footrace if in fact it lands on any of them (personally I hope not, but I think Rebecca’s yen for it might make the spin-off interesting), and of course, the return of Katherine.  

It’s like she only shows up when I’m sick to death of Elena. It’s like she knows that the more insufferable Elena is, the better she can look in comparison, even when she’s being pure evil. I sometimes think this show goes too much and too hard on that which it loves (please see Klaus for reference) but man, do I love their judicious use of Katherine as the tool to get me in when I was for sure, for sure-sure I was out.