Well this says everything, doesn’t?

Think about last year’s Vanity Fair Hollywood issue and who was on the cover. Or, better yet, look at this year’s cover featuring Amy Adams, Channing Tatum, and Reese Witherspoon and then compare it to last year’s here:

Clearly 2014 is superior, and not just because of that Gwyneth Paltrow-Graydon Carter tease. Oh and not just because Julia and George, always up to no good together, took a shot at Gwyneth while they were interviewed. Julia’s face at that moment is so…

I mean if you’ve never seen a delighted Mean Girl, she’s never been happier than in this moment.



Much less diverse. SO MUCH LESS diverse.

I understand why Tatum is there. He sells. For sure. And I suppose, for the MiniVan Majority, this is where Reese would appeal. So that leaves Amy Adams. Unlike Duana, I do enjoy and appreciate Amy Adams. A lot. I just... if the MiniVan quota was filled with Channing and Reese, couldn’t we have put Chris Rock or Kevin Hart (they both had big years) in that third spot? And add in Gugu Mbatha-Raw on the other pages to join David Oyelowo? Don’t tell me there wasn’t enough space. There are 10 people featured on this cover. Last year it was 12. It’s a photograph. It’s not a mathematical formula. And if I could come up with that solution, they should have been able to. That’s just lazy. The inclusion of my #1 Oscar Isaac doesn’t make up for it.

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