The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 5 recap

Last week I said that Horrible Lori’s combination birth/death scene didn’t really move me, and I got a bunch of messages indicating I am a heartless person because of it. I don’t argue that, but my problem with Lori’s death is not anything to do with a failure on the part of the filmmaking or Sarah Wayne Callies as an actress. It’s just that I’ve read the comics. And Lori’s death in the comics is way, WAY worse than what they went with on TV. I was prepared for something really bad, and it ended up not being nearly as awful I was expecting. So I’m a bad person with no emotions and yadda yadda, but that scene could have been a million times worse.

Now, onto this week’s episode, which begins back in idyllic Woodbury, where they’re having a picnic. Andrea is chatting with Mengele, the creepy doctor/scientist person who hangs out with the Governor as Michonne looks on, suspicious. I sort of wonder, given how they frame Michonne’s perspective on Andrea, if she isn’t nursing a little bit of a crush. Discuss.

The Governor is brushing a zombie’s hair. Because he’s not completely f*cking insane.

It’s a little girl zombie (Annie?), and it’s his daughter. So he’s like Herschel, hanging onto his zombified family members. Hmm, repetitive plot point.

Michonne sees! Dum dum dummmmm

Rick is still mid-breakdown so Daryl takes control, organizing a run for formula. I like how Daryl’s all “I am not losing this baby!” He’s the redneck with a heart of gold.

More Glenn and Maggie cuteness. Glenn’s adorable. My crush grows.

Rick has mastered the “sharp object to the head” maneuver. I would say that’s his signature kill shot. He’s on a grief-fueled rampage in the prison.

God, Andrea is really drinking the Governor’s Kool-Aid. She is definitely going to cause some kind of major incident this season. Andrea = Shane.

Michonne steals back her katana—will we ever learn how that became her weapon of choice?—and discovers a mysterious notebook in the Governor’s office. She overhears Mengele talking about some kind of experiment. Trying to cure zombies?

While nosing around, Michonne discovers a cage covered in what appears to be fried zombies. There’s another one with…well they’re not living, but they’re live (?) zombies, which she uses for target practice. I call this scene “Don’t forget that Michonne is a total badass”. Someone comes out to feed the zombies just as she’s finished. DUM DUM DUMMMM

Michonne vs. the Governor. It’s totally unnerving how he doesn’t get visibly upset. There are little cracks in his façade, but he never actually loses his cool. It feels like we’re always walking a tightrope with him. It’s just a matter of time before he blows. And he’s definitely going to play Andrea against Michonne.
Glenn has a nice little monologue reflecting on the loss of so many of their group because they didn’t kill all the prisoners on sight. More Glenn!

Upon learning that the Governor is keeping captive zombies, Andrea is barely alarmed. Given how she saw the farm play out, that should be a MAJOR red flag, right? But she’s like, “Oh, you have a secret reason? That’s fine then.” And of course she argues with Michonne about staying in town. Michonne kept Andrea alive for months on the run, and now Andrea is all “I doubt your judgment”. What an ingrate.

Rick is still in his fugue state. A blood-soaked, zombie killing fugue state. Glenn tries to reason with him but Rick isn’t having it.

Of course the Governor has a zombie trap. Merle treats catching zombies like gator wrestling. I’m not sure what the point of that scene was other than to remind us that everyone in Woodbury is f*cking nuts.

I love Daryl’s poncho! He and Maggie raid a daycare for supplies. There’s a tense moment but it’s just a possum. Or dinner, as Daryl says.


And she leaves her. Countdown to Michonne hooking up with the Rick’s group in 3…2…1…

Andrea’s all vulnerable and upset at being left, which means she’s perfect for the Governor to go to work on. She’s going to end up his crazy zombie bride, or something.

Awww, Daryl’s good with the baby.

Boy they mixed that formula fast. Don’t you have to like, boil water?

Meanwhile, in Rick’s breakdown, he discovers the place where Lori gave birth/died. Her remains appear to have been eaten by an overstuffed zombie. Rick goes to TOWN on that zombie.

Back at Woodbury for the night’s “entertainment”. I can’t wait to see what passes for a good time in this place.


Merle fights some dude with zombies acting as the boundary line. It’s like the most nightmarish fight club ever. Andrea has the good grace to not be that into it. The Governor admits they pull the teeth out of the zombies (do they not know about scratching?) and the fights are “staged”, but Andrea is finally seeing what Michonne was on about, but now it’s too late. She’s stuck unless she’s willing to go out on her own.

Daryl puts one of his Cherokee roses on one of the new graves—is Carol dead, then? Did we actually see that she died?
Rick, still off his gourd…baby crying…a ringing phone…


Status Check:
Officer Rick – Having an episode.
The Governor – Sponsor of Zombie Thunderdome.
Merle – Zombie Thunderdome superstar.
Andrea – Finally seeing the light.
Michonne – She has had enough of this sh*t, ya’ll.
Carol – ???

Worst thing seen/heard this week: Rick gutting the zombie.

Zombie kill of the week: Michonne with the katana/foot-to-the-head combo.

Photos courtesy AMC