October 12th is the premiere of The Walking Dead, season 5. Are you ready? I had to replace my DVR box over the summer and to be honest, when faced with programming the new one, I wavered on The Walking Dead. It’s half a hate-watch already, and I’m always one Rick crying jag away from being disgusted with it. But then I thought about the moss zombie and the episode in which Carol dealt with Lizzie being a total psychopath, plus the introduction of Abraham Ford (a favorite from the comics) and the group having a specific goal—get to Washington, DC and maybe save humanity—instead of just wandering aimlessly in the Georgia forest or attempting to set up an agrarian society, so I decided to stick with it. I just can’t quit you!

At least season 5 looks like it gets right into the action. There’s a new trailer and, like the Comic Con trailer, it emphasizes action and the group once again trying to survive together. If we learned anything in season 4 it’s that not everyone is equally interesting, and splitting them up only served to highlight who’s essential and who could be eaten by a zombie tomorrow and no one would care (CARL). Also, over the summer Norman Reedus teased something that I assumed wouldn’t happen on the show, since they disposed of the Governor already. It’s a spoiler, so click here if you want to see it.

Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, and Andrew Lincoln were all photographed at the airport yesterday, arriving in LA no doubt to do some promotion before the premiere. I like Lincoln so much more in Rick drag, but Reedus… Biceps aside, I don’t get it. Ever. (Lainey: on the contrary, I feel it.)