At Comic-Con AMC debuted the trailer for season six of The Walking Dead, which looks like every other season of The Walking Dead. Rick & Co. are stuck somewhere, there’s a lot of standing around and arguing, Rick goes nuts for a little while and everyone questions his leadership, and then in the end, Rick will be vindicated as everyone turns to him to save them from the current external threat. Oh, and a bunch of people will die, but not like Rick or Daryl or Carol or Michonne or anyone popular with the fans. Again, say whatever you want about Game of Thrones, but at least that show has the balls to commit to things without regard to fan sentiment. At this point, Rick could be killed off and it would only improve the show, but he’s the de facto protagonist and no matter how gory the show gets, AMC has yet to demonstrate the balls to pull the trigger on a “hero”.

In season six Rick & Co. are trying to make things work in Alexandria but with the arrival of Morgan, Rick’s leadership is cast into question. The only interesting part of this trailer is the suggestion that Morgan will supplant Rick as the group’s leader and banish Rick, but you know this won’t stick. How do we know this? Because this is the exact same plot as season four when Rick banished Carol after she went nuts and killed some people to “protect” the group. Remember that? He banished Carol but she returned just in time to save everyone at the prison. I want it on the record—this is how season six will play out. Morgan will banish Rick but he’ll come back just in time to save them from the mysterious “wolves”. This show is literally going in circles.

AMC also debuted the trailer for The Walking Dead spin-off, Fear the Walking Dead, but I refuse to get sucked into that sh*t. The original is frustrating enough.