According to Kanye West and those of us who represent Scarborough, Ontario, The Weeknd delivered the best performance last night at the VMAs. Kanye was really feeling it. The Weeknd brought out the Taylor Swift in Kanye West:

Kanye doesn’t honour just anyone with his grooves, you know.

It’s been a great few weeks for The Weeknd. Beauty Behind The Madness was just released a couple of days ago and doing really well on iTunes. He’s already charting at #1 with Can’t Feel My Face. And Kanye produced Tell Your Friends which he promoted on Twitter last week:

And The Weeknd thanked Kanye for the mentorship:

If you haven’t already, get this album. You’ll be playing it for years.

The Weeknd is wearing Mr. Completely Fall 2015 Banded Camouflage Field Jacket and Trafford Jeans in black clay.