When everyone was talking about her first American VOGUE cover yesterday, Selena Gomez was actually in Toronto with The Weeknd. On Wednesday night they went to see Get Out. He bought up all 75 seats in the theatre (75 seats) so they could be alone. Does this remind you of something?

Back in 2011, Justin Bieber booked out Staples Center and had a table for two set up at centre court for them to have dinner while Titanic played on the screens. Staples Center seats 20,000 people. I’m now waiting for a hit of petty coming from JB about this like it actually relates to dick size.

Anyway, on Thursday Selena and Abel were at the Thompson Hotel Diner. Etalk broke the story yesterday:

And here she is with her feet up on his lap in the car which showed up in her Instagram story after lunch:

Which is interesting because she was just telling VOGUE about her love-hate relationship with Insta. And, as I noted yesterday, sometimes that fame gene just can’t help itself. The two then went shopping and now there’s speculation that Abel is home to introduce Selena to his family and friends which sounds about right. Celebrity romances always move at top speed.

The Weeknd has a few days off before heading to South America on tour. He’ll be on tour until almost the end of July. And since she says she’s keeping her schedule clear, maybe she’ll join him on several stops.