He is super talented. Undeniably so. But like many of the most brilliant, he is also very troubled, though it was thought that he had been able to gain control of his demons with professional assistance. Thing is, he went in last time for booze…at least that’s what was “revealed” at the time… but it turns out, since he’s certainly not abstaining these days, the truth is alcohol was never his vice. His vice was actually hard core smack.

Which is why he’s been brazen about drinking in public these days - carousing and cavorting with friends and family who up to this point haven’t seemed concerned, seeing as vodka wasn’t his toxic muse. Past tense.

Word is he’s been hitting the bottle hard to the point of oblivion, to the point where the studio behind his new projects and the suits who manage the marketing are getting worried about whether or not he’ll be able to deliver on his commitments and are now trying to impose behaviourial conditions on his promotional appearances as a pre-emptive move to get him to clean up - something has not taken kindly to.

Jury is still out on whether or not he can pull it together but everyone is pulling for him. In spite of his issues, everyone loves him. He’s a sweet endearing guy with a terrible terrible problem.