Yeah it was.

Would you walk away from a night with David Beckham to be friends with Tina Fey?

Yeah I would.

Is Tina Fey > Oprah Winfrey?

Yeah she is.


But for all the “you go girl” ballyhooing that goes on all the time, the estrogen empowerment movement, those MiniVan Majority screechers ready to rip their bras off, sitting in their plush seats at Harpo Studios, do girls really support girls? Especially Quality Girls? Because if that were the case, why aren’t more girls watching 30 Rock?

Bet you more girls have watched those f-cking idiots on the Hills than have watched 30 Rock. Or an episode of Top Model… right? Otherwise it wouldn’t be hurting for ratings all the time. One of the funniest, smartest, most well written shows… and Denny came back from the DEAD to the tune of almost 16 million people!


Underappreciated for sure. But clever as hell. And so well respected and now able to call the shots and the best part is… Tina Fey is still pretty much who she was.

Her Vanity Fair cover is attached, and the full article is here. Super interesting read: she explains her comedic line, her stance on sexism in direct response to the Palin parodies, and how a good girl with no bad tendencies can actually succeed in show business on her own terms.

Love her so much.