Prince William, Princess Catherine, and Prince Harry were at the London Marathon yesterday supporting racers and promoting mental health awareness, as Heads Together was the official charity of the event this year. As you probably saw, all last week, the three young royals were out there promoting the cause ahead of the marathon and sharing their own personal stories about mental health, to encourage those who experience mental health challenges to come forward, talk about their struggles, and ultimately seek help.

Harry spoke about the trauma he had internalised after the death of his mother. Prince William also addressed the shock of losing Princess Diana at just 15 years old. And together, along with Kate, they posted a video of a conversation between the three of them, talking candidly about their fears, their anxieties.

This is not typical of the British royal family, as you know. To sit around talking about emotions? To get into their feelings? But these three represent a modern version of royalty, a more relatable version of royalty. Relatable is a tricky word to use here, because, of course, they live in castles, and certainly enjoy the most exclusive level of privilege available in the world. And still, as we have seen, illness does not discriminate. Any kind of illness, be it physical or mental. It’s just that mental illness, still, is not perceived with the same gravity, the same….for lack of a better word… respect.

And there’s a long way to go. For me, personally, this is especially relevant today, because someone close to me is in crisis, a mental health crisis, which is just as urgent as a physical crisis. Which is why there hasn’t been much content on the site today. I apologise for the inconvenience. There will no other posts today except for Show Your Work, the podcast will be up later this afternoon as my priority is to help my friend. We will be back to a regular schedule tomorrow. Thank you for understanding.