As reported yesterday, Gwyneth Paltrow was at the Author’s Night fundraiser in the Hamptons this weekend with Chris Martin and her kids to sign copies of her book. Christina Oxenberg was the author placed beside G at the signing table. Oxenberg wrote about the experience here. In short, Gwyneth’s fans who waited on line for a long time to meet her, are a pain in the ass. And her bodyguards are even more of a pain in the ass because they blocked Oxenberg from her position and in the end she had to resort to sitting under the table like some kind of urchin. Jay McInerny (Bright Lights, Big City) was also there and tweeted about Oxenberg’s post:

Author's night at East Hampton Library highjacked by movie stars with ghost- written cookbooks.

So the other authors hate Gwyneth Paltrow…just like you!

Hard to say if G’s bodyguards were dickheads at her direction or whether or not they were just dickheads because, well, a lot of celebrity bodyguards simply are. Even the Brange’s bodyguards. Celebrity publicists are often dickheads too. In fact, any member of a celebrity entourage can be a dickhead. Is it the celebrity’s fault?

Considering that those people are representing you and that you’re the name who gets highlighted for the sh-tty behaviour, I would say even if it’s not the celebrity’s fault, they should think about making it their concern. Gwyneth Paltrow, for all her properness, should make it her concern. Because at her private dinner after the event, G and Chris made the effort to personally introduce themselves to the kitchen staff etc who were working that night which, apparently, is not the Hamptons standard. I dunno, maybe people in the Hamptons aren’t that grateful. The point is, it’s not like she doesn’t know how to treat people with courtesy and respect. She does. But it doesn’t seem like it’s a brand message she’s communicated across her team.