The final episodes of Mad Men will begin airing on April 5 on AMC. Are you ready? They’re calling it The End Of An Era and it really does feel like it. Don Draper made Walter White possible. Mad Men brought down hemlines. Mad Men’s influence on television, its contribution to the “golden age of television” cannot be overstated. And what’s interesting about Mad Men is that its ending won’t be one of THOSE ENDINGS. You’re not going to avoid the internet the next day, you probably won’t have to, because of spoilers. It’s not ever “what happens” on Mad Men that is the conversation. It’s how it happens that stays with you. Like no one is sitting around wondering…OH MY GOD, is Don going to die at the end of Mad Men?

That’s not the question, is it?

The question is more like…

How is Don going to FEEL at the end of Mad Men?

The cast of Mad Men has now embarked on the farewell tour. Last night they were in New York for a special screening. Holy sh-t. Jon Hamm hasn’t looked this good in a long time. Fresh and well-rested and…happy. (Will Don ever be happy?) And the length of his hair is perfect right now. PERFECT.