I tingled to these photos yesterday of Emma Watson at the LA premiere of The Perks Of Being A Wallflower - click here to read Dan’s review - and a possible wardrobe malfunction that occurred with her nipple tape. It’s been a long time since my breasts sat up that high. Or ever. 

As you know, I love her a lot. I expect I will love her for a long, long time. Long relationships are not without their challenges though. And I suspect Emma and I we might be going through a rough patch. It’s been building for a while. Last year at the junket for the final Harry Potter movie, Emma was the only one of the top 3 who didn’t show for interviews. They said she was sick. She was not too sick to pose pretty on the red carpet at the premiere. But fine. One occurrence is fine. Previously she’d always been professional and accommodating and lovely. Everyone has a bad day.

But there was that interview in Interview between James Franco and Mila Kunis. Note he thinks he has a clout now to trash younger actors, right? Anyway, here is the exchange:

JAMES FRANCO: So a funny thing happened on this movie I'm doing down here in New Orleans that made me think of you. The movie is a comedy, but it's kind of an outrageous one, and this actress—I won't say who, but she had a smaller role in the film—walked off the movie in the middle of a scene.

MILA KUNIS: This is Seth [Rogen]'s movie that you're talking about?

FRANCO: Yeah. I'll admit that the scene we were doing was pretty crazy. There's not any nudity, but it is pretty outrageous. It's not as if the scene wasn't in the script, though. In any case, I didn't see any of this go down, but I guess she basically went up to the directors, Seth and Evan [Goldberg], and said, "I don't think I can do this." She, by the way, didn't have to do anything crazy in the scene. But what was going on around her was, I guess, too extreme for her. So Seth was like, "Well, what can we do to fix it?" And she said, "There's nothing you can do to fix it. It's just everything." And he said, "Well, let's just shoot it and I promise you can come to the editing room, and, if you don't like what we've cut together, then we will not put it in the movie." And she said, "No, that's still not good. I just can't do this. I can't be here." And he said, "Do you want to leave?" And she said, "Yeah, I've got to leave."

Franco was trying to say that what he loves about Mila is that she is down for anything as opposed to the person he was referring to who obviously was too prude for their crew.

The speculation was that it was Emma Watson. I’ve confirmed this with several very good sources. That the scene involved her being surrounded by some wild behaviour - and not actually engaging in that wild behavior - and she was too precious for it. It’s not that hard to believe is it? Right now, I think that’s just who she is.

This week at TIFF, many journalists I talked to who interviewed her told me she was delightful and cooperative. I did hear an unconfirmed report about an incident on a separate day when Emma was ready for interviews, just getting a final touch-up, and got up to get a bottle of water. According to someone who was there, she never came back. The reason I’m saying it’s an “unconfirmed” report is because the story didn’t end up circulating the way it does when something like this usually goes down. Then again, the likelihood of it getting around is higher the more hated the celebrity. Nobody hates Emma. In fact, I think there’s such an intense residual amount of affection for Emma that people may not want to believe this would be possible. But even me, even though I’m a big fan, even I can’t ignore some of the signs.

At the Perks after-party sponsored by vitaminwater party Emma spent most of her time with Ezra Miller and there wasn’t a lot of interaction with the other actors in the movie. Not that all castmembers have to be best friends but I dunno, the combination of Emma and Ezra “I’m wearing textiles”  Miller, it just felt... again... precious. Too precious.

Is it a phase? It must be a phase. It’s a phase, it’s a phase. They all go through phases.