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Maybe you’re over it but I will never be over it. That video of the professor getting interrupted by his kids and then their mom busting in to haul them out will be funny to me forever. And everything related to that incident is funny to me too. Like The Telegraph’s article the other day called Anatomy of a Masterpiece: 13 reasons why the “funniest video of the year” is pure comedy gold. I laughed for a solid 10 minutes at the “grappling mentally” line.

As you know, that video and that family have become international sensations. In particular, the daughter, Marion, is now a legit superstar. Those moves are unforgettable. The way she sits on the bed, all like, I’ll just park myself here and get at my cheese snack after her dad tries to ignore her kills me. And, as Duana noted last night, it’s the magic of those glasses.

Marion and her glasses were at a press conference yesterday in Seoul as she joined her dad, mom, and brother to talk about what happened and to answer questions from the media. Dad did all of the talking. But Marion was the whole point. Her contribution to the presser was to be herself – that is, a total boss.


Watch the video below. Don’t you want to just push the camera over to focus on the true icon with the lollipop in her mouth?



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People have been saying already that Marion Kelly will be their Halloween costume this year. But can you do justice to that signature strut?

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