Did you think that meatballs came from Sweden? If this question was on a test, before today, I would have said Italy. That’s how ignorant I am – because I always order meatballs at an Italian restaurant. And I don’t mean Olive Garden. Anyway, breaking news, meatballs aren’t from Sweden and they’re not from Italy either. Meatballs are served at dimsum. In fact, we Chinese serve a lot of balls at a lot of meals and we are a very old culture. But, no, China is not being credited with meatballs. Do you know the origin of meatballs? (Dlisted) 

I generally enjoy watching these celebrities + hot sauce segments. Charlize Theron’s was great. Michael B Jordan’s made me horny. The other reason I enjoy them is because I can handle the heat. Usually it’s never hot enough for me. So I try to imagine what level I can get to and how I would compare to these famous people. Now though? Now all I ever want to do in life is to go further in hot sauce levels than John Mayer. He is INSUFFERABLE. (Pajiba) 

We aren’t happy here in Toronto after what happened last night. The Raptors are down 2-0 to the Cleveland. Drake’s been in his seat for both games. And he’s been running his mouth. And now he’s been told to shut it down. (TMZ) 

More Met Gala homework! Revisit some of the past looks… including Beyoncé who has definitely killed it at the Met Gala before but also? I’m sorry and scared to say but…there have been some major misses. And oh God, remember Victoria Beckham? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Prince William does not wear his wedding ring – some people just aren’t into it. Prince Harry though? I always knew Prince Harry would be a ring-wearer, especially since, as we’ve seen, he’s super tactile and demonstrative with Meghan Markle. OF COURSE he’s going to peacock his ring. (Cele|bitchy) 

There are some things I’m lazy about. But none of them show up on this quiz. What kind of animal sleeps in the clothes they intend to wear the next day!? Is this you? I won’t shame you. I just need an explanation. Anyway, I’m 25% lazy. And you? (Buzzfeed)