Dear Gossips,

Yesterday’s theme was “feelings”. Too many feelings. Feelings about raisins. Singing about feelings. Singing about love. Which continues today, specifically about love. And how “love”, the actual word, should sound in a song.

Lindsay Zoladz wrote in The Ringer earlier this week that the way Lady Gaga sings “love” in Perfect Illusion is the reason she doesn’t like the song. And she’s right. It’s “lawww…ve” and now that it’s been pointed out to me, I agree, it is annoying, especially when you compare Gaga’s “love” in Perfect Illusion to the way “love” is sung in better songs. This is where the article consumed me because… it’s a countdown! A list of “love” sung correctly. I don’t want to spoil it for you but when you get to the top 2, prepare to throw away 20 minutes of your life. Here’s a hint though about the top spot: love is a feeling and you have to feel love to sing love. Who feels more and harder than anyone else? Who owns ALLLL the feelings? The feeling that I.Can’t.Go.On…

Click here to find out.

Yours in gossip,