Colin Farrell, Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale, and director Len Wiseman were in Mexico yesterday for Summer of Sony to promote Total Recall opening in August which is interesting to me because, as I’ve been reporting Jessica’s fiancé, Justin Timberlake, is being seriously considered to play the part of Gypsy Husband in the film adaptation of Emma Forrest’s Your Voice In My Head based quite obviously on Forrest’s ex Colin Farrell. You don’t have to marry the fake one after working with the real one to know that that’s a casting abomination.

Look at him, the real Colin Farrell. He’d be a terrible boyfriend, yes. It’d be torture to be in a relationship with him and all his complicated f-ckedupness, totally. But goddamn, he will get you on a visceral level. And they expect Justin Timberlake to become THIS? Justin Timberlake, who can barely walk on film without over-thinking it?

Strangely though, Colin does nothing for me in the Total Recall trailer. Why am I not more excited about it?