Have you ever caught someone in a lie and instead of conceding, all they can do is offer more lies to explain the original lies? Have you ever found yourself in an argument with a Classic Drama Queen who, when called out for bad behaviour, routinely resorts to hysterics and other diversionary blame tactics like disease, pregnancy, depression, family members fallen ill, break ups, or any number of sympathy-inducing tactics to transition from villain to victim with one twist of the heart? Heather Mills is all this and more. On the heels of her bombshell abuse accusations last week, Heather is now suggesting that Paul McCartney also abused his first wife Linda - "a claim that even her own supporters say puts a question mark against her honesty". She has also allowed her friends to leak word that she is in possession of conclusive evidence that Paul admitted to hurting her and though the source was unsure about what this was exactly, she was quite certain they were not audio tapes. Needless to say, anyone who has ever known Paul & Linda McCartney and was privy to their famously devoted 30 year marriage is now incensed, though many McCartney supporters believe that Heather"s increasingly tall tales are damaging her credibility more than his. One by one, her "truths" are being found wanting, starting with confirmation from the Sussex Police who have no records, despite her insistence otherwise, that police were dispatched during domestic violence incidents. As for her allegations that Paul mistreated her on tour, his former publicist has gone on record to dispute each and every incident, having been employed with McCartney at the time and present during many of those occasions. In addition, many are now combing through her autobiography, pointing out inconsistencies that indicate a penchant for fabrication and content that also seems to contradict many of her current allegations. I"m told however that Heather"s ultimate intention is not accuracy or public opinion or even to be vindicated. What she wants is to make things so uncomfortable, so embarrassing, so unbearably intrusive for Paul, he can"t help but capitulate and pay her more than he originally wanted to. Which is why she has apparently instructed her legal team to make the divorce proceedings public, taking the situation to a level of ugliness McCartney will obviously abhor. Trust me gossips. This woman knows she will never win your hearts. And she knows she will always be the Most Hated Woman in Britain. So why not be the Most Hated Woman in Britain to the tune of 100 million pounds??? Source & Source