One of my favourite celebrity questions. And also...
Do they have friends? In this case, specifically, I’m wondering about Anne Hathaway’s friends.

Here’s an item that just appeared on about what Annie said to her “friends” after winning the SAG the other night:

With a drink in her hand, Hathaway told friends that her engagement ring from husband Adam Shulman is her "prized possession" and that her wedding band "isn't bad either," an onlooker tells PEOPLE. 

Hathaway – who, according to a source "was playing matchmaker all night" – was later overheard telling her friends that she "met a lot of bad ones" before meeting Shulman.

Sure, sure, the newlywed gush is nauseating but I’m more interested in the details. These just aren’t the kinds of details you tell your “friends” AFTER you’ve married the guy or when you’ve known someone for a while. Like, at this point in our relationship, having known each other for years, there would be no reason for me to say to Duana that I “met a lot of bad ones” before meeting Jacek (even though I’d word it differently, like “I regret almost every loser I’ve ever dated"). It’s a conversation point for a new acquaintance, non? Only you can’t call it a “new acquaintance” in an asskissy PEOPLE article. Replace “friends” with “new acquaintances” and it reads entirely differently, right? It reads like Anne Hathaway keeps “presenting” her husband to people the way Tom Cruise used to “present” Katie Holmes.

Look, I don’t want to dump on Anne Hathaway. There’s nothing badly intended in Anne Hathaway. She has no malice. She is not a mean girl. She is far from the mean girl. Anne Hathaway isn’t the one calling you fat behind your back and hugging you in your face. But Anne’s problem is that she tries too hard. And in trying so hard she is trying to be too many things to too many people. I just want her to relax. I worry though that she can’t relax because ...who’s around her to help her relax? Are there friends around to tell her to relax?

The husband is her best friend. Of course.

Actors don’t work back to back, as you know. They spend long, LONG stretches not working at all. And in that time, it’s with their partners, all the time, all the talking, all the being together...

It’s a relationship cocoon inside which, well, I wonder if that makes them lose perspective. Celebrities are weird already. I wonder if this makes then even weirder.

Attached - Anne and Adam Shulman yesterday in LA.