Dear Gossips,

Jimmy Kimmel, host of this year’s Oscars, has been giving interviews all over the place ahead of the show on Sunday. He says pretty much the same thing from outlet to outlet. Except he gave us a heads up in Vanity Fair:

“The thing about the schedule is, the Oscars take as long as they take. There are more categories than three hours allow, so people have just got to go into it knowing that. At a certain point you’d think they’d say, ‘Oh we’re not going over, we’re going the same amount that the Oscars go every single time.’ But we never seem to learn that. We like awards shows to be three hours long and that’s it. It will not be three hours long. It will definitely be significantly longer than that.”

In other words, take a nap on Sunday!

In other Oscar news, did you know that last year’s Oscar gift bag – given to nominees in the major categories and presenters – was valued at over $230,000? Vox published an article about the “weird, contentious tradition of Oscars gift bags” yesterday. Apparently only one person has ever refused a gift bag: Sandra Oh. And OF COURSE Leonardo DiCaprio would accept it. He has an entire Wolf Pack to support. Also the subtle shade directed at Edward Norton here is amazing too.

Final Oscar recommended read for the day – The New Yorker’s piece on the Shakeup at the Oscars and how the Academy reacted to April Reign’s #OscarsSoWhite, including interviews with Academy members who were resistant to the changes…with a quote so incredible that I actually reloaded my page – twice! – just to make sure I read what I just read:

“If there’s no role for a Chinaman, there’s no role for a Chinaman!”

On that note, I’m travelling today and it’s an early flight so we’ve prepared as much content as possible to post through the morning and I’ll resume as soon as possible as soon as I land. Or hopefully you won’t notice at all if there’s wi-fi on board. Apologies in advance if there are any airport delays, etc. Promise to make it up to you tomorrow.

Yours in gossip,