There were some photos taken. Not sure if anyone’s purchased them yet. I think they missed this week’s print deadline for magazines but if they wanted to, I’m sure they could have squeezed them in. I wasn’t interested in buying but the way they’re marketing them, it’s hard to imagine that some tabloid wouldn’t be able to create a story out of them.

From very recently, they show Jon Hamm out with friends. He looks like a dude who’s been out with friends. You have a few drinks, you have a good time. There’s a crowd, and there’s a blonde girl who appears to beckon him over and she then has her arm around him and he’s kissing her on the cheek without touching her with his arms, almost like she fangirled him for it. “Hey Jon Hamm I’m your biggest fan, can I have a kiss on the cheek?!” And he obliges.

I’ve zoomed on his face. His is not the face of a guy who’s into that cheek with his dick, you know? It’s pretty innocent.

Naturally, though, to increase the value of the photos, they’re going to make a bigger deal of the kiss than it is. And if anyone buys the pictures, they may not buy the whole set which gives you the full context of how it came to be that he walked over to the woman in the first place.

I’ve looked at the pictures very closely. You know I love Photo Assumption. Don’t get me wrong, he seems drunk, which is fine, but he does NOT appear to be stepping out on his lady either. The rest of the shots are of him carousing with his buddies. Men. So there’s that. There is no reason, has never been, to believe he would. Every indication I’ve ever had is that he’s true. I believe in Jon Hamm!

Am attaching two photos of Jon and Seth Meyers together at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner because, obviously. Yes, yes, we ALL want to live there.

Photos from Paul Morigi/