Who lose it for Thom Yorke, for so many who lose it for Radiohead.

Did you watch Coldplay on The Hour on Friday? The hour-long special is now on the site. Of course Chris Martin had to mention Radiohead. Of course he did. Because he always does. Chris Martin worships Thom Yorke. Like a little brother always trying to get the attention and respect of his big brother – unfortunately in this case, big brother can’t stand little brother, though to be fair, Thom Yorke has a long list of dislikes, and Coldplay’s (perceived) flattering but lite imitation hovers at the top with appearing in gossip blogs a close second.

Still… Chris remains undeterred in his ardour and rightly so. It is Radiohead after all.

The band kicked off its European tour on Friday at Malahide Castle in Dublin. Thom was also spotted around town just before. They return to North America in August. Are you going?

As for Coldplay, Viva La Vida leaked last week… most agree it’s an improvement on X+Y. Reviews remain mixed but the good news is, it hasn’t been completely eviscerated by the NY Times like last time. For what it’s worth, I think it’s pretty good. At least his lyrics have improved, although you can’t argue with the Guardian’s critique of the album and this sentence in particular – hilarious:

The words continue to deal only in the most general of generalities - "Just be patient and don"t worry", "You"ve got to soldier on". The messages are weighty and inarguable (42, for example, has sussed out that when people die, their loved ones remember them), but the fear that Martin could let fly with a line about tomorrow being the first day of the rest of your life looms ever-present.

Photos from Wenn.com