So I didn’t totally hate last night’s Glee. But ... if they want to keep me they have to do better. And I’m not sure about the wisdom in throwing in a themed episode so early. Britney Spears Glee is next week. Just when there was hope that we might be seeing some depth to our characters, some tension between them, some steps forward in their progression, it’s Hit Me Baby One More Time. Why mess with the flow? Maybe next week will offer a pleasant surprise. Maybe it won’t just be a 60 minute music video. But the trailer...well... see below.

Still, there were certain improvements last night over last season. I’m into the two Asians dating, especially since that means more Harry Shum Jr. I was into Sue and Will meangirling the he/she football coach. I’m also totally into Kurt’s mini glasses necklace. And the throwdown between Quinn and Santana was pretty great, as the head cheerleader reclamation stories always are, but the ongoing money problem is wearing on my ass, and why are all musical prodigies discovered in the shower?

Of course I’m now wondering if Naya Rivera not only had her tits done but filled in parts of her face and lips too after getting played by Mark Salling. That was awfully distracting. Almost as distracting as the new guy’s cartoonish swollen mouth, hilariously acknowledged in the show, sure, but still... I don’t know that I’ll ever get past this.

As for Lea Michele – still super, super f-cking annoying, which I guess is the point, but I have to say, I prefer her voice and her singing over the new girl and the f-cking extra she was bringing to every note, accessorised by wrist flicks and fist pumps, so very American Idol. No thanks. But I’ll give it two more weeks.

Attached – Mark Salling out at Trousdale last night. His face as he’s leaning in to hug that lady is killing me.

Photos from Roshan Perera/