The Farrelly Brothers made a Three Stooges movie. The first trailer was released yesterday. A lot of people are sh-tting on it. I didn’t have a chance to watch it until this morning. It wasn’t really my flavour but, at the same, I found it more appealing than the trailers for New Year’s Eve, Jack & Jill, One for the Money, and that goddamn joke of a movie, Warrior’s Heart starring Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene.

You could say that that’s comparing sh-t to diarrhoea, not exactly a strong defence of the Stooges. You’re right. But those other movies are reflective of the movies of our time. And The Three Stooges, I wonder, are they of these times? Here’s my dirty, horrible confession:

The Original Three Stooges don’t make me laugh. And I don’t laugh out loud at Laurel & Hardy either. The classics comedians of the golden era of Hollywood, they never appealed to me. And the thing is - I’m OLD. I should totally like old ass things. So if this old bag can’t appreciate the slapstick-ness of The Three Stooges, how is this appealing to the 25 year old who saw The Hangover 3 times?

I’ve heard from a lot of Three Stooges purists. Many of them seem to be encouraged by the tone of these new stooges themselves. Their main objection is the inclusion of that Snooki at the end of the clip. Exactly. Snooki is an emblem of Now forced into an attempt to revive Then. I’m just not sure the Then in this case, The Three Stooges, belongs in the Now. Or maybe that’s the brilliance of it all...

This generation of moviegoer has made Kevin James, for Christ’s sake, a box office winner. Can you blame them then for thinking that Stooges might work?