Orly was heavily criticised yesterday when pappies caught him pissing on the rocks during a break from the surf. I actually find the episode rather redeeming. Have you been golfing? Four or five hours out on the course, several litres of water to keep hydrated, outhouses are f&ckin’ nasty…hey, if there’s a bush, you whizz on it…if there’s a bush that happens to be bordered by other bushes, even better. In that case, I’m happy to squat. Seriously though, when it comes to boys and Sport Pissing – which is what I call it – it’s just what they do. So it’s really not the ACT that’s surprising…but the ACT-OR. To me he seems like the kind of pansy dandy who absolutely needs a proper restroom with an attendant to hand him a towel. In fact, prior to this photographic jewel, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Three Whiskers uses a Pee Funnel, daintily avoiding the splash. Not that peeing standing up is any confirmation of his manly man but at the very least he hasn’t added to his already limp reputation...give the girl a break, won"t you? Source