John Mayer learned his lesson the hard way: Jennifer Aniston is not Jessica Simpson. And as soon as he ceased being Jen’s boyfriend, his stock totally crashed. Word is he was choked that the paps weren’t following him around as much anymore. Apparently he became rather upset when he learned the value of his photos had dropped dramatically since their split. And New York gossips have been reporting that John is so desperate for attention, he’s been calling the photo agencies himself, begging for them to shoot him.

So it’s understandable then why John found it difficult to suppress his smile of relief last night upon leaving Butter. In daylight though his spirits were low. Supposedly one of the paps had just mentioned Jennifer and Gerard Butler. John’s face quickly soured.

Poor douche. Let’s throw him a bone, ok? Give him some blog space. It’s been almost 3 weeks since we last cared about John Mayer. Can you imagine how it must be eating him inside?

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