For the generation of us who knows what that means. Or maybe just me and Duana…

I wanted to end the day on this, a Way-back Wednesday, or an advance Throwback Thursday, whatever you want it to be…

It’s the f-cking AGELESS Tiffani (no more Amber) Thiessen and Luke Perry, aka Valerie Malone and Dylan McKay from 90210 together last night the Hallmark premiere of Northpole. So they’re doing TV movies together now. Does it surprise you that not one 90210 alumnus went on to a huge career?

Look at Dawson’s Creek. Michelle Williams is a movie star.

Look at Gossip Girl. Blake Lively is …you know.

Even the OC gave us Olivia Wilde.

What would have happened if 90210 happened now? Shannen Doherty would be Angelina Jolie, I’m telling you.