Written by Jacek

Lainey’s stuck in a shoot for a couple of hours so I’m stepping in to fill the void. And when I saw this headline I said to myself…"Well, sh-t. This news can’t wait. The people must know.”

Tiffany Amber Thiessen is having a baby! It’s a People exclusive! I’m so f-cking excited! Aren’t you?

Now THIS is the classic ‘who the hell cares’ example of stories of expectant “celebrities”. Lainey wrote about this a few weeks ago. Click here for a refresher (thanks Ms. E!). Z-lister baby announcements. Riveting.

If the start to your week is boring as sh-t so far and this story actually interests you, read all about it, including juicy quotes like “"we are over the moon!", here.

Here’s Tiffany at the Nike+ Human Race global grand finale in Los Angeles in August 2008 with Jason Priestly, who Brad Pitt hired at the time to test out some new looks he had in mind. This one failed badly but he went for it anyway.

Update: Lainey just pointed out to me that Michael K does an "over the moon" series/watch.  Catch his take on the big story here.

Written by Jacek

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com