Written by Duana

Judy Blume has been posting about location scouts and casting on Twitter for “Tiger Eyes”. You remember it, right? The one where Davey’s father dies and she has to move to New Mexico and she meets Wolf in a canyon?

It turns out it’s one of the few Judy Blumes I read only once. I tore through most of her when I hit chapter books, around age 7, and my parents happily kept me in books that were ‘challenging’ without really worrying about the content. (My dad also bought me one of my all time faves – Letters to Judy: What Your Kids Wish They Could Tell You. I still have it. Buy it when you see it at a garage sale). So I think, now that I’m rereading the Amazon preview, that it’s just that it was too hard for me to deal with at that point. 30 pages in, I’m already claustrophobic with worry and panic for the title character. And I remember that panic, and some of the romance and drama that went with it.

So. The casting has been announced. Willa Holland, minorly of Gossip Girl, for Davey. Tatanka Means, who has some minor credits but no starmaking ones, plays Wolf. I haven’t read the script so I don’t know whether anything has been updated. But Holland, born in 1991, is 19. Age-appropriate casting, or close enough.

I trust Judy Blume implicitly. Even though she’s been absent these last few years. And I trust her because this can hardly be the first – or the hundredth – time she’s been asked to turn one of her books into a film. So this must be special. This must be something. It’s almost making me anxious, because there must be something so particularly perfect about this story. About right now.

Loosely speaking, they’re scouting locations now. That might mean we could see this next spring or summer. I’m rereading until then. And you?

File photo from Wenn.com