Tiger Woods is fine. He’s been released from hospital. CNN reports that the mayor of Windermere, Florida has confirmed he was treated for facial lacerations.

Let’s break down the timeline, shall we?

So the National Enquirer breaks the story that Tiger is allegedly cheating on his wife with some budget ass skank – click here for more details. Then in the middle of the night, at 2:30am, he crashes his car off his driveway into a fire hydrant going less than 33mph, the cops refuse to say whether or not there was someone else in the car, Tiger has to be hospitalised, and emerges from the crash with a cut face?

Coincidence or conspiracy?

Oh please.

He just proved the Enquirer’s story. And his wife gave him the sh-ts. Can’t WAIT to see how People Magazine will be asslicking on this story.

Photo attached of Tiger, his wife Elin, and daughter Sam at Stanford just last week.

Photos from Ezra Shaw/Gettyimages.com