Written by Jacek

The run is over Gossips. If you could call it that. My Canucks got bounced from the playoffs last night by the same team that bounced them exactly a year ago to the day. And in similar fashion. But I liken what I’m feeling to writing that nasty final exam that stresses you out for weeks leading up to it. You prepare. You get nervous going in. You write it and even if it goes like sh-t, you find yourself more relieved that it’s over than worried that it didn’t go as well as you hoped. There’s always next year. Canuck fans said that 40 times in the past so why not another.

That’s the beauty about sport. There’s always another opportunity to make things better and those who support you come back to support you again (sometimes blindly). But is it different when you’re Tiger Woods? Is it different when you’ve been so dominant over the course of your career and now you’re faltering cause Karma sucks and your head isn’t right, and those around you start to walk away?

We all know about Elin no longer being able to stomach being with the man who betrayed her. And the sponsors who stepped away after the story broke. Now Radar online is reporting that Tiger’s swing coach Hank Haney has left him because he has “no regard for a person like that.” Not a direct quote and the source is not clear, but not hard to believe either.

Personally, I think it might have more to do with the fact that Tiger’s balls have been all over the course lately (golf balls, that is) and he probably needs a scapegoat. Mr. Perfect needs to rationalize his poor play by pointing the finger at his mechanics and the man who is supposed to make sure they are sound. The swing coach is an easy target. But I could be wrong. Perhaps Hank is the one who’s had enough and can’t be around Tiger and his annoying ways. He certainly wouldn’t be the first.

Attached: Hank and Tiger during a practice round at the Masters this past April.

Written by Jacek
Photo from Jamie Squire/Gettyimages.com