Is she freaky-looking by conventional standards? Of course. Was her dress ugly as sh*t? Absolutely.

But this is what makes Tilda Swinton so f&cking cool. She.Is.Cool. SO cool.

I saw her on Saturday night at the Beverly Hills Hotel wearing a bright but pale pink shift and sky high heels with white makeup and borderline ugly but at the same time sexy as all hell. And a personality to match.

First of all her acceptance speech – a girl with the presence of mind to prank Clooney while collecting her Oscar? Amazing.

Backstage in the press room it was ultra charisma. When asked about Clooney she explained that because he had burned her so many times on set, she had “scores to settle” and made sure to use the best venue possible. Brilliant.

Then we moved on to the dress. Someone actually had the gumption to point out that the dress was … not the best. So Tilda was like – yeah, I know. But Alber Elbaz (Lanvin) designed it just for me so what I am going to do? Not wear it? Of course I’m going to wear it!

How many others in Hollywood would choose not to look good just to express their gratitude?

Like … how about none???

And finally, about her personal life. Ted Casablanca(Ted!) from questioned her about her love life… as he should. He is after all a gossip columnist. It was the only issue he would have cared about.

At first she didn’t know what he was referring to. When he clarified that it’s been all over the UK press recently that she had an “open marriage” and was shacked up with another dude who is not the father of her children, she corrected him – very pleasantly – by revealing that she’d never been married and explaining that she had children with one man, is currently in love with another, and that they all get along great, so what’s wrong with that?

And it was not defensive. As I said earlier, Tilda is cool. She can handle anything. She doesn’t have to defend herself to anyone. As such, you end up totally agreeing with her anyway.

Tilda Swinton – love, love, love.

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