We Need To Talk About Kevin is on my 25 Books list. Click here to view. Not sure if you can love a book like Kevin, but it certainly stays with you. And it attacks that notion, that common refrain you hear all the time from women these days: that childbirth and motherhood is transformative. Well, obviously, for Eva it wasn’t. At least not in a good way. And in many ways, as I’ve written before, I would be Eva. I would be the mother of the sociopath. Which might actually be the easy way of looking at it. Because what if the Kevins of the world just come out that way? And it’s an idea I noted recently with respect to Jesse James: we feel the need to assign a reason to evil, almost as a reassurance against the bleak possibility that evil just might be evil. With no cause, no origin, just IS. And if that really is the case, the world is a lonelier, more frightening place and perhaps that is harder to face than anything else.

How do you capture all these ideas in a movie? Well, if it has to be, it’s a good thing it’s Tilda. Here she is with her hair coloured dark shooting We Need To Talk About Kevin in New York today. I felt so uncomfortable and so provoked while I was reading it, and so now I am worried and weirdly excited about feeling that way in the movie, that is if they get it right.

Photos from Bauergriffinonline.com and Doug Meszler/Splashnewsonline.com