I’m convinced Tilda does this on purpose

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Written by Sarah

From Kristen Stewart’s easy breezy steeze to Tilda Swinton’s what-the -f*ck-ever-this-is, it’s my day for fashion posts I guess. It’s because I wrote about Chris Evans and made fun of Zefron the other day. This is how Lainey puts me in my place.

Tilda Swinton is a classic example of the fashion FU. Tall, striking, dramatic coloring—she could so easily be yet another hanger for designers but Swinton is too interesting to be a mere fashion plate. Her red carpet style amounts to sartorial practical jokes and I am totally convinced she dresses like this just to annoy the masses. Because the masses, the Minivan, they aren’t down with this. Check her out at the New York premiere of Io sono l’amore (I Am Love).

You know everyone in the grocery store will hate this dress (I think it’s Fendi), just like you know the editors at Vogue and W are dying over it. Swinton doesn’t have to dress for you and me. She’s so massively talented and capable (she speaks Italian so fluently she can star in Italian movies like I Am Love) that she gets a lifetime pass just like Jodie Foster, Meryl Streep, and Diane Keaton. None of these women are known as fashionistas and yet they each have a distinct style and are consistently elegant and interesting. Had I a daughter, Swinton is the kind of actress I would want her to admire—smart, capable, interesting, and doesn’t dress to please the crowd. In a world where children are told they are each a special and unique snowflake, we’re running desperately short on true Individuals.

Written by Sarah

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