For Venus Noire last night. A vision.

Tilda was there with Luca Guadagnino, her director from I Am Love. While promoting I Am Love a few moths ago, Tilda was interviewed by Katie Couric – did you ever see it? If no, it’s worth a look when you have some time. To hear her speak, so articulately, so elegantly, she is mesmerising.

Tilda recently completed filming on We Need to Talk About Kevin. As already noted many, many times, it’s on the list of my Must Reads – click here. The book is devastating, and brutally, uncomfortably honest. Hollywood has been known to f-ck up a lot of sh-t. But under the direction of Lynne Ramsay and with Tilda as Eva, there is reason for optimism, though I worry that, to avoid controversy and debate, they will weak out and spoon feed the MiniVan Majority and offer a definitive reason for Kevin’s, erm, troubles.

It’s too easy to put a reasoning label on the dark parts of life. It’s what we need to avoid what could be the harshest truth: that sometimes evil can just exist for no reason. But we don’t question the good things. It’s not often that you hear someone say: why is that person SO NICE?!? But you do often ask the question: how did he get so f-cked up?

So you see Kevin, the book, is nature and nurture, and also a lot more. Really hope it’s like this for the film.

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