Here is Timothy Olyphant, handsome and low-key as always, at the Clippers game last night. Olyphant was not at the People’s Choice Awards. He doesn’t court that vote. It’s one of my very favorite things about him. My absolute favorite thing about him, though, is Justified which begins its final season later this month. I want Justified to go on forever and for everyone to watch it because even after five seasons, I don’t think enough people are watching this show. I guess I should be grateful that FX stuck with it even this long, given its consistently low ratings and criminal annual over-looking by the Emmys, et cetera.

I had a split-second of hope that Olyphant could be Dr. Strange last year. As the casting situation spiraled out of control Marvel was looking at EVERYONE and Olyphant’s name came up. Didn’t happen—he didn’t even get close—but for one shining moment we could have lived in a world where Raylan Givens, the coolest dude on TV, became the coolest superhero in movies. Olyphant probably wouldn’t have gone for it anyway, since he’s allergic to lengthy film shoots. But it would have been cool, and I would know where my next Tim O fix is coming from once Justified ends. Because right now I don’t know that and I’m already starting to have withdrawal symptoms and please, TV gods, please don’t take Justified away from me. I’m not ready for that.