If only there were more Tina Feys in Hollywood…but then it wouldn’t be Hollywood, right?

A stunning Tina Fey at the Time Magazine event the other night, earning and deserving a spot on the Time 100:

- first female head writer on Saturday Night Live
- one of the best anchors of Weekend Update
- wrote the screenplay for Mean Girls…critically praised, described as an even “better version of Heathers”
- is the creator, producer, writer, and star of 30 Rock, the season’s most acclaimed new sitcom

And of course, one more reason to worship Tina Fey – you will recall it was Tina who openly called Paris Hilton a PIECE OF sh-t on Howard Stern last year.
A PIECE OF sh-t.

If you weren’t in love with Tina before, you must be in love with her now.

Tina Fey Forever.

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