Here’s Tina Fey at the 30 Rock series final wrap party last night in New York.

Good pants, right?

They’re a really nice fit. Skinny cut and there’s room. I need to look into these. Also a point toe pump is so flattering with that length. 

OK so now we’re only 3 weeks away. From the Golden Globe Awards. Hosted by Tina and Amy Poehler!

You know how when Carrie Underwood hosts an award show she changes 15 times? You think Tina and Amy will change at the Golden Globes?

I feel like they wouldn’t want to be bothered. After all, they’re writing their own material too. There’s not a lot of time to waste on dresses and accessories if you can find one really good one, that’s comfortable, and leave it at that, especially if it means they’ll be extra extra extra great.