I’m now on my second reading of Tina Fey’s Bossypants. And I think I’ll have to download the audiobook when I get home because… Tina Fey reading to me? Please. All over it. Will help on the goddamn Grouse Grind when I start hitting that bitch soon as the trail is safe from snow and ice.

So… have you read Bossypants yet? Am I a nag?

One of the many things I love about Bossypants is how much affection Tina has for Amy Poehler. I mean she girlcrushes on Amy Poehler. She is so admiring of Amy Poehler. Amy Poehler gets namechecked a lot. There’s a bit in there about when Tina had a pimple removed and it ended up as a crater on her chin. And then there’s an anecdote about Amy being gross and farty in a meeting and not apologising for it.

Tina is very, very clear about how supportive she is of women, the qualities that she’s proud of in women, juxtaposed very clearly with those who disappoint her. The book isn’t preachy. It’s not sanctimonious. But there’s a lot of insight about how she sees equality. It isn’t dramatic, it isn’t power woman in stilettos hear me roar-y, there’s no bluster or bombast, for Tina, it’s just been an application of energy towards doing a good job, rather than demonstrating you can do a good job. For me at least, it’s so much palatable than the whingy chest thumping mass hysteria estrogen party Oprah throws every day on her show.

Duana has a full review of Bossypants on the way tomorrow.

Attached – Tina last night in New York at the Broadway opening of Catch Me If You Can and at her book signing on Friday.

A reader called Christi was there and provided this report from the event. Her unedited account is below:


I was at Tina Fey's book signing in NYC on Friday at Union Square and just thought I'd share a few things.

The highlight of book discussion was how most of Tracey Jordan's lines came from her 5 year old daughter. Which now that you think about it toooootttally makes sense, and told a story about one line she still wants to get in from her daughter.

"My daughter is going through a phase where she's playing with her barbie's and pulling down their pants. And as she's doing this, she's having Ken say, 'You know, the most romantic part of a human's body is the butt.' How has Tracey not said that?"

Hahahaha. Definitely my favorite part.

My second favorite was during the discussion of Alec Baldwin, Tina said, "I learned a lot about the process of shooting different angles and such from Alec." To which Grizz shouted out, "Like when to stay out of his light."

Ha, everyone laughed.

BTW, you're totally right about the fangirling. Tina is not a fan of it.

It's not that Tina wasn't gracious, she was, but she didn't really talk or look up too much at people while signing.

And to be fair, she's 5 months preggers, had a cold and she offered to sign unlimited books.

How amazing is that?

Oh, and Grizz happily took pictures with everyone and was sooo adorable in his support for Tina Fey.

I was there for 4 hours waiting, and I would definitely do it again. Well, just for Tina Fey, and only Tina Fey.

Photos from Mr Blue, Joseph Marzullo/Wenn.com