Tina Fey on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar.

A much more worthy beauty ideal than so many others. Most others. Including Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman. Speaking of Nicole Kidman, in the magazine, Tina discusses Botox, declaring that it’s not for her.

"I think it is bad."

She compares those who’ve had too much of it to “candles”.

It doesn’t mean that Tina isn’t vain though. She readily admits to being vain. Which is refreshing too. Because so many of them are always like – oh I don’t care about my looks. I just care about happiness. And that’s reflected on my face!

F-ck off it’s reflected in your face. A needle is reflected in your face.

Tina’s approach?

No needles, but definitely different camera angles.

When she’s having a sh-tty day, it’s “shoot me from waist up”.

Life from the waist up, on command. Can you imagine?

In LA however it’s different. In LA there is no waist up only. In LA, Tina says it’s 360 degree fitness. In her words: Who has the time?

A couple of weeks ago we met a guy, nice enough, who committed the ultimate dealbreaker. Out of the blue he posited, loudly, like he was blessing us with his opinion, that LA is far superior to New York. He was promptly asked to leave.

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