Will Ferrrell and Tina Fey showed up at The Today Show Halloween morning today in New York dressed as their characters from Megamind. I saw Megamind last week in LA. It was funny. I laughed a lot. Silly and smart and short enough that you don’t feel trapped. This has become very important to me. Because 2010 seemed to, til now, be about 2 hour plus movies. Unless it’s about Harry Potter, this is oftentimes much too long.

As for what it was like to interview Tina – well, I interviewed both Tina and Will at the same time so I guess I can pretty much retire now. She’s guarded, reserved, looks like someone who doesn’t like hugging, polite, quietly confident, quick to read what you need, quick to deliver on what you need, and does not try to make you like her. In other words, she’s perfect.

Photos from Wenn.com and Derek Storm/Splashnewsonline.com